Tracey Mazalewski-White Female

On the evening of 04/04/90, Mazalewski and a co-worker were leaving their place of employment, Capitol Cinemas, 2432 N. Monroe St.  While walking in the

Darryl Scott- 31 Year Old Black Male

On 7/5/01 at approx. 3:00am, Scott was shot and killed in the parking lot of his apartment complex on Lipona Rd.  He had just returned

Earl Schofield-56 Year Old White Male

Schofield, a local insurance agent, had been the subject of a widespread search for almost three weeks.  The victim`s body was found under a bridge

Roger Pleaugh-45 Year Old White Male

Victim was found by 448 W. Georgia St. on 11/13/05 and was transported to the hospital due to having head injuries.  He told officers he

Ruth Thompson-82 Year Old Female

Thompson was found murdered inside of her residence, located at 921 Paul Russell Rd. in Tallahassee, FL on 04/21/1985.  The victim lived alone at the

Johnnie Kornegay-36 Year Old White Male

Kornegay of Tallahassee, a taxicab driver, was killed during what is believed to be a robbery.  He was found inhis yelow cab near the intersection