Wanted Persons

Wanted Persons

Preston Jett

W/M, 6’0/165, DOB: 8/26/1997….Failure to Appear Armed Burglary w/a firearm.  Failure to appear Agg assault w/a/firearm and failure to appear Battery and criminal Mischief

Wanted Persons

DeQuan M. Pace

DeQuan M. Pace, B/M, 6’00/165, DOB: 11/03/1993  Dealing in stolen property and grand theft (3 counts) Fraud (3 counts)

Wanted Peter Lamothe
Wanted Persons

Peter Lamothe

Peter Lamothe, W/M, 5’10″/159, DOB 12/29/1983 Violation of probation drug possession

Wanted Lionel Adebayo
Wanted Persons

Lionel Adebayo

Lionel Adebayo, B/M, 6’1/140, DOB: 4/25/1998 Passing forged doctors certificate, Grand Theft.

Wanted Jeremy Benfield
Wanted Persons

Jeremy Benfield

Jeremy Benfield, W/M, 5’11/160, DOB: 6/23/1974 Failure to appear Sexual Battery and false imprisonment.

Wanted Melissa Sheffield
Wanted Persons

Melissa Sheffield

Melissa Sheffield, W/F,5’2/145, DOB: 3/28/1974 Drug Possession (Meth)  (2 counts)

Wanted Kentwynon Davis
Wanted Persons

Kentwynon Davis

Kentwynon Davis, B/M, 6’02/169, DOB 3/2/1988 Armed Carjacking,  Burglary with Assault & Battery, Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Kidnapping