Wanted Persons

Wanted Melissa Sheffield
Wanted Persons

Melissa Sheffield

Melissa Sheffield, W/F,5’2/145, DOB: 3/28/1974 Drug Possession (Meth)  (2 counts)

Wanted Devin Fincher
Wanted Persons

Devin Fincher

Devin Fincher, W/M, 5’8/145, DOB: 11/16/1987 Drug Possession-controlled substance without a prescription, Possession of Marijuana less that 20 grams, possession of narcotic equipment

Wanted Cody Trawick
Wanted Persons

Cody Trawick

Cody Trawick, W/M, 6’00/175, DOB: 5/17/1998 Violation for probation, Dealing in stolen property and grand theft (5 counts)

Wanted Adreanna Davis
Wanted Persons

Adreanna Davis

Adreanna Davis, B/F ,5’02/220, DOB: 12/21/1988….Violation of Probation, Battery on Law Enforcement Officer

Wanted Benjamin Bilotta
Wanted Persons

Benjamin Bilotta

Benjamin Bilotta, W/M, 5’9/160, DOB: 3/6/1982 Dealing in stolen property (8 counts), Fraud and  Theft

Wanted Christopher Parks
Wanted Persons

Christopher Parks

Christopher Parks, W/M, 5’10/185, DOB: 11/15/1986 Possession of a controlled substance, Tampering with evidence, Resiting without violence, Possession of narcotics equipment.

Wanted Rachel Laws
Wanted Persons

Rachel Laws

Rachel Laws, W/F, 5’7/110, DOB: 11/15/1985 Violation of probation drug possession.

Wanted Larry Robinson
Wanted Persons

Larry Robinson

Larry Robinson, B/M,5’7/160, DOB: 7/25/1981 Kidnapping, sexual battery victim under 18 (4 Counts),  distributing obscene material to a minor, lewd & lascivious behavior (2 counts)

Wanted Jarod Hill
Wanted Persons

Jarod Hill

Jarod Hill, B/M, 5’05/140, DOB 1/27/1997 Home invasion robbery with a deadly weapon