Wakulla Seeks Assistance With Homicide

The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement are seeking information regarding the homicide of George “Jody” Kilgore. On the morning of

Deborah Jean Copeland

Deborah Jean Copeland On 1/29/86, Copeland’s body was found on the edge of a clay road in Gadsden County near Chattahoochee.  Copeland’s vehicle, a 1980

Carla Burch-28 Year Old White Female

On 9/27/02, the victim’s decomposed body was discovered in a wooded area off High Bridge Rd., southwest of Midway, in Gadsden County.  It is believed

Tracey Mazalewski-White Female

On the evening of 04/04/90, Mazalewski and a co-worker were leaving their place of employment, Capitol Cinemas, 2432 N. Monroe St.  While walking in the

Darryl Scott- 31 Year Old Black Male

On 7/5/01 at approx. 3:00am, Scott was shot and killed in the parking lot of his apartment complex on Lipona Rd.  He had just returned

Earl Schofield-56 Year Old White Male

Schofield, a local insurance agent, had been the subject of a widespread search for almost three weeks.  The victim`s body was found under a bridge

Roger Pleaugh-45 Year Old White Male

Victim was found by 448 W. Georgia St. on 11/13/05 and was transported to the hospital due to having head injuries.  He told officers he