Cold Cases

Donald Williams-25 Year Old Black Male

On 08/01/87, the victim was found murdered in the carport of 702 Campbell St. in Madison County.  Initial investigation revealed Williams collapsed in the carport

Pearl Williams-48 Year Old Black Female

On 09/15/99, the victim`s body was discovered under a discarded couch ast a dump site located on Spring Place in Perry, Florida.  She was reported

Christie Smith-19 Year Old Female

On 12/30/96, the victim`s body was discovered near the south shore of Silver Lake off of Aenon Church Rd. in Leon County.  Smith was known

Albert Seaburg-71 Year Old White Male

On 09/04/97, Seaburg of Elmhurst, Illinois, traveled to Tallahassee on business and checkd into the Best Inn Motel.  Later that evening he was killed in